375.0, 496.0

I have no dick....

368.0, 235.0

I have mouth sex with children.

358.0, 164.0

My head is taking up more real-estate then honey boo boos stomach.

368.0, 358.0

Die. Die. Die.

401.0, 209.0

Fuck you, die. NOW!

367.0, 434.0

May your belly hunger like all of your citizens that you starve!!!

527.0, 352.0

Glorious that this hand of yours can't reach anything... mouth. ass. peen. BWAHAHAHA!!!

419.0, 597.0

ingrown toenail

327.0, 404.0

kidney failure

Kim Jong-un

North Korea :: North Korea
asshole nuke bomb butt plug supreme leader big head

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